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The USP of Collar is its bespoke wear. We provide impeccable custom fit and finish in our attires. When you walk into Collar, you walk into a world of unique personal experience. From creating a ‘moodboard’ for your requirement, to taking measurements, selection of fabric to trials and final fittings, our designers are always present to ensure a seamless finish. Our dress men and dress makers are always willing to go that extra inch to make your outfit look a natural part of you. Kindly visit our store, for your own bespoke story.

Shirt Collars

French collar

The French collar or closed collar has close points. Its style is classic and timeless. It gives length to round, triangular and square faces. You can wear it with tie and suit.

Italian collar

The Italian collar or standard collar is an intermediary between the French collar and the open collar. Its style is classic and elegant. It gives width to thin and long faces. It can be worn with or without a tie.

Cutaway collar

The cutaway collar or open collar has much more open tips than those of the French collar. Its style is chic, original and modern. It rebalances thin, slender faces. You can associate it with a bow tie.

Small collar

The small collar has shorter points than the Italian collar. His style is young and modern. It is ideal for small faces. You can wear it without a tie or with a thin tie. 

Round collar

The round neck or club neck has rounded ends. Its style is retro chic. It gives softness to angular faces. You can wear it without a tie or with a thin tie.

Mandarin collar

The mandarin collar or minimalist collar has a collar stand without flap. His style is casual. It is suitable for all types of faces. You must wear it without a tie.

Button down collar

The soft button-down collar has 2 buttons to hold the tips. His style is casual. It highlights square and round faces. To wear without a tie.

Broken collar

The broken collar or ceremony collar has flaps on the front of the collar. Its style is formal, it is chosen for festive events. To wear with a lavallière or a bow tie.


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